My first Yoruba Demon.

This was the first time I realized that Nigerian men are a complete and utter disgrace, with no respect or loyalty for women. And I had found myself involved with the worst of the worst of them.

I never dated a Nigerian guy until September 2014 and prior to that I was in a one year relationship with a Cameroonian guy from sixth form so going to university and finding out all this nonsense people would say about Nigerian guys, completely phased me. I just never expected any of this to happen to me.ever.

It all started from fresher’s week I guess, I kept consistently seeing this one hot bartender working at the university bar and every time I’d go order drinks I was hoping for him to serve me so I could buss convo and possibly drop my number to him. But luck wasn’t on my side… for a good two weeks.

So, one night, my flat mate took my phone whilst we were pre-drinking beside the bar, approached him and showed a picture of me to him, she asked him If he thought the girl on her phone was cute and if she could have his number. 10 minutes later, he popped up behind me, slid a piece of paper between my palms and smiled at me as he walked away. As I unfolded the piece of paper all I could hear is screams coming from my left and right. My flatmates did it for me.

I didn’t waste time. I messaged him straight away.

The talking stage between us was quite consistent, it wasn’t until a month of talking he then invited me out for dinner in London. Things went smoothly that night so he came back up to university with me as we both had lectures the next morning.

It was only until we arrived back at my place that at 1am his phone started blowing off, it was a Nigerian name that popped up on the display so I just passed it over to him and he told me it was his mother so he went outside my room to pick up the phone call. Now, here’s me thinking why would his mum call at 1 am? Unless it’s an emergency? Right? So, I just asked him if things were alright, he just replied with yeah everything’s good she’s just checking up on me.

The weeks went on by and things started to get more and more serious.I was even getting to know his brother – who was literally the same age as me so we had alot more in common. Baring in mind the guy I was dating was about 5 years older than me.  I was starting to do wifey for him, cooking him dinner for when he would finish his late night shifts at the university bar, waiting up till 5.30am so he could sleep at mine and be ready in the morning for his lectures, doing his laundry and all sorts but things were getting too repetitive for my liking. i felt like i was being used , so i became off with him for a while.

These 1am phone calls from his so called ‘mother’ were becoming so frequent, it was practically every night. I was seeing regular messages from girls which he would say it was his work colleagues but for me things didn’t seem right. I knew he was up to something.

Halloween night we decided to go Oceana (now called Pryzm) in Watford and on that night I had Instagrammed a couple pictures of us on my social media and he went crazyyyyy!!!! He was acting paranoid and telling me I needed to take everything down, how we weren’t supposed to gloat about our relationship, so I did. I took them down.

After this little episode that happened, he took me to Oxford Street the day after to make it up to me. He bought a few cute little gifts for me trying to sweeten me up again. Until that same evening we came back to my room and I felt some type of way as to why he was consistently texting on his phone to these girls, even though I was naive and genuinely thought he was talking to his work colleagues… the last straw came was when the midnight phone call from his mother happened.

This time around I wanted to hear what was going on. I had way too many suspicions.  I was hearing him say on the phone ‘baby girl I’m at my boy’s yard, I got work tonight so I’m not gonna have my phone on me 24/7 to reply to you’ ‘you know I love you of course I do, you’re always on my mind’.

My blood started to boil. My head started to hurt and the palms of my hands were itching. I wanted to literally fuck him up. He walked into my bedroom with that fat Nigerian smirk on his face, until I told him. I’m done with you, you need to leave now. Take all your stuff with you. It’s done.

Then did this lowlife not grab my neck and pin me against my room door? Shouting in my face saying what the fuck is wrong with you I wouldn’t ever cheat on you. I was shaking, he let go instantaneously and begged for my forgiveness for his actions towards me. That’s when I knew things were completely over. No man could ever do that, not even a boy I was seeing for a few months had the audacity to do that to me.

I cut him off from that moment.

He tried to contact me several times to apologise but I just wasn’t having it. Until one night I got a knock at my door, and I randomly see him standing there, with his fat grin smiling away. I won’t lie I was very confused as to why he was there, he wasn’t welcome anymore.

But he whipped out a Christmas present for me and told me he still thinks about me, how he wished things could go back to how they were and that things haven’t been the same since I left.

I didn’t want him nor his gifts so I kicked him out.I did eventually open his present though, because it was so beautifully wrapped, just to find it was Santa Clause on a rocking horse???  like wtf ?? straight in the bin that went.

It was only until I moved on a few months later and I was sitting beside my boyfriend (Mr. E.D for those who have read my previous blog) and I received a snap from a random person I didn’t know.

It said ‘Hi Darita, I’ve tried to reach out to you a couple of times, I just need answers about … I found out today he is currently with 5 people including myself and we have been together for 2 years. Please if we can talk I’d appreciate that because I’ve asked him about you and his denied everything’.

Wow. All I could say at that moment in time was wow.

I snapped her back and I immediately called her to find out the whole truth about everything.

It was in fact true, he was sleeping around with 5 girls, to then both of us later finding out HE WAS SLEEPING WITH 7 GIRLS.

5 of which were at my university, which I was one that was in a relationship with him, the girl who contacted me on snap chat was his girlfriend of 2 years and then as time progressed she found out that she in fact was the side chick because he was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend of more than 2 years.


Only after a few years later when he got caught out, he messaged her a few months ago, saying how he was so sorry and that he wishes he could rewind time. how convenient aye? since his entire love life probably went down the drain.

It’s how everyone on twitter described Nigerian men, finessers, liars, cheaters, manipulators, aggressive, denying and very stupid.

Now you can see why Yoruba Demons are hated.

P.S. I know not all Nigerian/ Yoruba men are like this. If you don’t fall into this category I am sorry. We love you x





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