I slept with your man on Valentines Day

I know everyone loves a great story. A funny one too… but this one, just you wait and see.

So, I was seeing this guy which I’ve known for a very long time, I’d say we were on and off for about 4 years. He was always a tedious kind of guy and I always tried to make things in our relationship quite fun and spontaneous.

So, when Valentine’s day came around I tried to hint at going out for dinner and possibly a spa weekend because Valentine’s day landed on a Sunday that year. But because we were both very busy people, at university and working and trying to fit in our relationship, time was just not on our hands.

Well, not us exactly. It was him. He worked at a club and would always finish late nights around 4am and our evenings together were very infrequent. It was even rare that we would find time to have sex, it was a real struggle (especially for me).Now for me, I regularly finish work around 8pm and more time when I’d end my shift early I would make the effort to quickly see him to drop off some clothing I’d bought him or food I picked up along the way. This just became a routine that I got sick and tired of, never being able to see him, always being put as the lesser priority and it was putting a strain on my part of the relationship.

The fact he was always busy, very slow with his replies and inconsiderate of my wants and needs (not just the sexual part) everything started to become a bore to me. Now me being me, I would end things off very rapid when I start to get bored or feel like the relationship is going nowhere, but bearing in mind I was on and off with this fella for 4 years. Many memories and feelings were all tied up, so I didn’t want to be the barer of bad news so, I held onto the relationship.I can’t lie, he never was the type of guy who would be romantic and pull out all the stocks. It wasn’t his ‘nature’ as he would say. But neither was it mine to leave him on valentine’s day and see someone else.

Not only did I work near my university, I worked in London from time to time. And this is where the story gets interesting.

One night me and my girl went out to central London for dinner – this was early January. Once we had left the restaurant we jumped in the car and two very fine guys parked their Mercedes opposite us. Now me being me, I’ve said to my girl, “oh that light skin guy is really buff, I think I might call him over and ask him what he’s doing tonight”.  Now, my girl is single too… so the fact that there were two guys seemed like the best opportunity to pull.

So, I’ve now waved at the guys from my window and the light skin guy got my attention, so I shouted, “come here quickly, let me ask you something”. As I’ve got out the car, in my tight black dress, ass looking fat, chest looking juicy, I’ve fiddled my dress so everything was in place mainly to get his attention and as you know it he was watching me. He called his boy and they both proceeded to walk towards my car.

Let’s just say…. My girl didn’t get a number that evening, but I did. That same evening it was his boy’s birthday so he invited both of us to a penthouse party but because I had church in the morning with my mum, (yes, yes, I do go to church) I couldn’t stay long at the party, let alone go there alone.

Anyways, as time went by, for a good month me and him texted consistently, had some cheeky facetime calls and loads of lotioning was done over the phone.

Now don’t get me wrong guys, I’m not one to do CRB checks, but when I followed him on Instagram and twitter we had NO MUTUAL FRIENDS. Around this period, everyone on twitter was talking about doing CRB’s and all sorts so I decided to do one of him. Let’s just say I always know the right people.

I found out he had a girlfriend, he lived about a 15-minute drive from my house and he was Caribbean. Obviously the first piece of information was an automatic turn off… but I didn’t quite care at this point. Why? Because he’d be the one blowing my back out on the 14th of February.

How sure was I? A million percent sure he’d be blowing my brains. And I was right.

Saturday 13th of February I told the guy I was seeing I had to run back to London to see my family urgently, not like me and him had plans for that weekend anyways. *sigh*

Called up this guy from London and he picked me up from university that evening and we skrred out of there. We ended up going to a quiet shisha place I knew in Essex where nobody knew us both and the likelihood of encountering anyone I knew was low.

…. then his girlfriend calls his phone. It rings about twice, till he finally picks up the phone right next to me.“yeah babe, I’m sorry but I have to go into the office tonight. Something’s going on with the stocks I’m not even sure myself, don’t know when I’ll be back home tonight but defo see you tomorrow.”

He then smiled at me, kissed my forehead and then said “should we go back to mine so you can get ready and we can go Maddison’s?”

I just looked at him in complete disgust, thinking wow you’re absolute trash. But I was too, we basically cancelled each other out.

So, we went out, he checked into a hotel for us that night…. believe me I wasn’t expecting what he did that night at all. We ended up in an executive suite, bathrobes and fluffy slippers, with the spa and sauna downstairs for us.I won’t lie, I was too happy with just filling the bath right up drinking champagne and then getting jiggy with it. and that’s exactly what happened.

When Sunday came, he decided to have breakfast and mimosas in bed, decided to take a swim in the afternoon and then when we finally decided to check out he turned on his phone and found 20 missed calls from his girlfriend.So as a joke I said, let me text her back…. So, he said fine but don’t be rude. I legitly was gobsmacked. All the things that was running in my mind was, he’s such a shit guy to his girlfriend I can’t believe he’s such an asshole.

I just replied, “my phone died while I was sleeping. I’m on route yours in an hour or so. footballs on”.But did he spend Valentine’s day with his girlfriend? Nope. I had him consumed with the whole of me that we took a trip to Harrods on Sunday, shopped then chilled at my place.

The funniest part of it all was, I never received a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ from my boy back at university. I didn’t need his wishes at all, because my wishes had pretty much all been granted that whole weekend.

Savage you might think? Abso-fucking-lutely.


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