Why Men Are Trash

Girls have been screaming ‘Men are Trash’ for the most of 2016. It’s gotten so out of hand that we blame guys whenever anything evil happens and its bloody hilarious.

Twitter seems to influence this craziness and the outcome of this whole ‘Men are Trash’ hashtag has blown completely – at times its out of proportion.

Why are men such trashy individuals? And why is it that women are so fed up?

Well, here are my top 5 most common reasons to why MEN ARE REAL TRASH…

  1. The biggest reason of all is that they think about themselves, from the designer clothing they wear to their own sexual needs. Its complete and utter selfishness. For example, a girl will get dressed up ready for a night out, couple snaps and a few drinks later a guy will approach to try finesse her for her number with a lovely cocktail and try take her home to then later beat All of this because of their own selfish needs (not always the case though, I know). For some guys, they don’t care about the girls phone number, they will simply just chat to a girl so they can easily access that pussy. They are simply here to finesse you ladies. Watch out. Remember, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Men all have this idea in their heads that the world completely revolves around themselves and no one else. They treat women like shit but then are able to kiss your own mothers on the cheek and say that the only woman they would die for is her.
  2. They are the best liars and manipulators. Ask yourselves this ladies, how many times have you found yourselves arguing with the guy you might be seeing or currently in a relationship with because he has lied to you? And then ask yourselves this question, how many times has he flipped the argument on to you so you start questioning yourselves? I can bet a large percentage of us have been in this position with our partners.
    Now don’t get me wrong lads, I know a lot of you are good church boys and were always taught not to lie, so of course this doesn’t apply to you. *cough, cough*
  1. ‘yeah that’s my main chick and obviously, I got a couple side chicks too’ – said every man, boy and dickhead this year. The whole invention of main chicks and side chicks all came from these egotistical cheaters. Like guys actually thrive off the fact they have main and sides. Obviously us girls don’t want to be no Nando’s rice for any man, you want to the main meal but we never really know if that’s the case. They think it’s okay to cheat, they want a woman but then play them like a PlayStation. Men just want more than one woman and that’s the harsh reality of it. Ohhhh and not to forget once they cheat, lie and manipulate they come coming back realizing what they’ve lost and then… it’s too late.
  1. Yeah now don’t even try to deny this lads, but we all know now that men are wayyyyyyy bitchier than women – I swear the amount of situations I’ve been in could actually prove this. Men bitch about everything, every single thing. Child support, sex, relationships, football and even their own mandem. I swear to you, boys are just nosey and rude, even if there’s situations that don’t involve them they will still state their opinions on the matter. Us girls know how bitchy guys can be, they’re way worse than us females by far.
  1. They all want these Insta hoes with the curvy waists and fattest asses and aren’t actually content with the girl they have at home. Men idolize these Insta hoes and make such a big deal out of them so when their wifey is at home cleaning up after their shit… he’s on Instagram dribbling on these hoes pages, DMing her and just doing the most really. This makes women’s bloods boil because men say that that’s what they want, ‘a bad bitch’ but then they’re settling with the town hoe Stacey from down the street. Men as clearly inconsistent with what they want.


These things have all manifested and outraged women this past year, its occupied our brains so much that it has jeopardized our trust in men. Not to say all women think this way or even care it. But from all this, don’t you now think men are really trash?


Darita Rodrigues, x


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