Why 2016 was full of L’s

……Happy New Year Guysssss!!!!

I bet you’re so thankful that 2017 is here, so you can finally begin to do all them things you’ve been saying 2017 is for, like getting back into the studio, releasing more YouTube videos, signing up to the gym…. you know how it goes.

But why were we all waiting so desperately for 2017 to come around?

why you ask?… because this year has been pure L’s.

And of course here are the top 5 L’s you’ve probably taken this year….. and most likely some of you are still burning about it,

  1. Firstly, what happened to all them DM’s? still no certi bae?  After all that effort with writing up a bae application, wheres your successful candidate at now huh? not sitting beside you while you reading this blog that’s for sure. After all that effort of asking all these stupid amounts of questions, I bet a large percentage of you have entered 2017 single. Don’t worry though, you got another 12 months to try find someone 🙂
  2. Now this ones for the lads,  so after all this believing in ya bludclart barber nonsense yeah…. some of you lot still be taking L’s with that dead staff of Moses upon your brain, or when you go cheat on your barber and your leaving the shop with a 10 inch forehead. Ahhhhh some of you boys were getting done dirty this year I wont even lie. I do hope you lot learnt your lessons though, don’t be cheating on your barbers now lads.
  3. For those who know/ knew the pain of being at University, having a fucked up sleeping pattern was one of the biggest L’s ever sometimes.  Going to bed at 4am then having a 9am the next day which you had to go to…and if you actually got up on time you felt like it was such a great achievement – a goal you finally achieved, but then…. if you were like me (the laziest of the laziest)  just feeling like a complete bum not being able to wake up on time, then being able to convince yourself its all okay and you can try again next week. LOOOOOL YOU PLAYED YOURSELF. (word of advice: in 2017, don’t do the late nights – you’ll regret it)
  4. Ahhh now when it comes to a smartphone like Apple its all fun and games upgrading to the newest iPhone, but the 7 was pure evil to us this year when it released in September, its cool that we got a better quality camera and that but…. those headphones, or am i meant to say ‘ear pieces’ are a complete joke. LOOL coming like some Nigerian uncle connecting his phone through Bluetooth to talk to his darlings. Oh and not to mention the fact that upgrading to the 7 meant you by force had to take an L if you wanted to charge and listen to music through your headphones, because someone thought it would be smart to leave the headphone jack behind. Useless fools. Paying £700 so they can take away the headphone jack. At least let us bloody group face time nuh?
  5. Last but not least, that L that quite alot of us have taken this year is….BEING  FINESSED, ALL DAMN YEAR LONG. Finessed for our money, our time, our ideas and even music. *cough cough* CXCV, Nah but jokes aside, all of us have been finessed in one way or another, and more time we have just put up with the L’s. Even poor Wale from BKChat was saved as ‘free Chinese’…like c’mon, that probably still burns him inside. I cant even say girls are worse when it comes to the whole finessing game, because really and truly both sexes are as bad as each other. Like I always say, the game is cold. You either finesse or prepare to be finessed and thats how we’ve all dealt with it this year.

2016 might of been a year full of L’s for some of us… but we’re finally in a new year.

Time to start a fresh new chapter.

Sending you all plenty love & blessings



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