Quick Note

Quick note. I just want to apologize for being gone for like 4 months without saying a word. Having my life out in Cyprus where exams, partying and day to day life was consuming me up, I didn’t find the time or motivation to write to you. My own sexual life was pretty much put … More Quick Note

Dear Black Men, 

Dear Black Men, I don’t exactly trust you but I still love you… You see, there’s not a lot of people I can say I trust. Whether it be family, friends, boys or girls. And I’ve learnt to accept the fact that that’s okay not to trust people. We’re all human, and trust is a … More Dear Black Men, 

Why I stayed for his 8 months of erectile dysfunction.

‘Why do you date these guys Darita? I don’t understand?’ – that’s the line I get every time I end up talking about the guy I’m currently seeing. I can’t seem to get it right. I really cant. Mr. Erectile Dysfunction was quite possibly the most entertaining and sexually revolved relationship I can consider ever … More Why I stayed for his 8 months of erectile dysfunction.


It’s only been a few days but it feels like it’s been years, every night you shed tears. You try and get past it by assuring yourself that he just weren’t the one for you, and that he obviously didn’t love you how you loved him. But you ask yourself can you really be without … More U N T I T L E D

Why Men Are Trash

Girls have been screaming ‘Men are Trash’ for the most of 2016. It’s gotten so out of hand that we blame guys whenever anything evil happens and its bloody hilarious. Twitter seems to influence this craziness and the outcome of this whole ‘Men are Trash’ hashtag has blown completely – at times its out of … More Why Men Are Trash